spamcop and validity reports



hope everybody is well
i have a question regarding feefback loop reports processing ,
i have a few dedicated delivery servers on ovh and hetzner and once in a while i get a spam abuse report to my email
the ovh sends a spamcop report and hetzner sends a report from
i forward these reports to abuse mailbox that is conncted to mailwizz i have checked the logs with console.php feedback-loop-handler --verbose=1
the message is found and parsed
[2024-02-27 21:09:54] - Opening the IMAP connection.
[2024-02-27 21:09:54] - Connection opened successfully!
[2024-02-27 21:09:54] - Searching using following search string: UNDELETED SINCE "24-Feb-2024"
[2024-02-27 21:09:54] - Found 1 search results.
[2024-02-27 21:09:54] - Scanning message ID: 1
[2024-02-27 21:09:54] - Done scanning message ID: 1
[2024-02-27 21:09:54] - Closing the IMAP connection.

but when i check clients campaign / abuse status , its unchanged
the format is not recognised ? the fbl servers are not suppose to be in the clients account do they? i have created a system one by admin.

any advises are welcome
Depends on how these emails you receive look like, if they are standard or not and of course, if MailWizz can parse them or not.
If these emails do not contain original information where MailWizz could identify the subscriber, then again, it will do nothing because it doesn't know what to do.
When you get ahold of such emails, please include them in a support ticket in .txt format so we can look at them. Make sure you include the full source of the email, with headers, body, etc.