Spam Folder Reporting Issues

Mike Somerville

New Member
Over the past month, I have spent unlimited amounts of time trying to solve the riddle of getting an OPEN to report when its hitting the spam folder. Since around July we have seen nothing but horrible opens, when hitting the "SPAM" folder in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc even when those emails are opened. Previously, we where happy to get into the spam folder and work to get into the other folders, but its extremely hard to do so now. Anyone have a solution to this ? and it's nothing to do with my IPs or sending domains - we use Alibaba cloud and a few other shared relays. The issues from their ip addresses alone not ours, no solution to that but would love to get at least an opened report from them.

Example : 150,000 emails sent ( CLEANED AND DELIVERABLE ) // 0.5% opened when mail via Mailwizz -> that same list mailed via sendy 10.5% opens.

Thoughts ?
I am going to second @twisted1919 ... having an IP on an RBL is a problem! Amazon and others are working continuously to keep their IP clean and removed from RBLs.
Well, I have a domain blacklisted on 11 and gets inboxed at Gmail so there is no real theory on blacklists. Lol.
You might have sent it before it got listed or after it was removed. But, bottom line if the sending IP is on an RBL it's an issue!