Some minor improvements


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Hi @twisted1919 ,

My customers have the below suggestions, not show-stoppers, but they look sensible -

1. While creating a new list, there's an option to subscribe/unsubscribe a contact on other lists as well. If there's a huge number of lists, then selecting (ticking) the lists one by one is a difficult task. So, it's good to have a 'select all' button. There can be other instances where such a 'select all' button is required, good if we can find and add it. (screenshot attached)

2. Templates created are not being listed on a specific pattern. So it's difficult to find a particular template if there are many. It's good if they're sorted on most recent created/updated first basis.

3. Some pages are missing horizontal scroll bars. Example : While listing all subscribers on a list with many fields. This can now be worked around by resizing the window so that the scroll bar appears.

Guess these are minor changes that won't steal much time. :) Thank you !


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Just making a followup since 1st and 3rd are missing on I know this update is not final, but just making sure these weren't missed :).