Some autoresponders don't send?


Hello, I'm a bit confused with autoresponders.

I set them all to send AFTER-SUBSCRIBE - one each day.

The first one always sends out. But for some lists, the second one to be sent one day later doesn't.

I'm a bit confused with the statuses of these autoresponders.

"pending-sending", "sending (0%)", sending "100%", "sent "100%".

It seems the ones set to "sending" always send...I can't figure out how to get the others into this status.

What status should they be in to send, and how do I change them to this status?

Let me know.


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Try to increase the number of campaigns at once from backend > settings > cron, or allow mailwizz to do it automatically (there's a setting for that in same area).
That should do it.