[Solved] Strange Thing With ElasticEmail (Delivery was not attempted for Most of The Emails)



Today i've send a broacast to 456 subscribers and nearly 400 were flagged as "bounced"
under ElasticEmail (crazy thing).

My ElasticEmail account has the following description for each bounced email: "Delivery was not attempted".

I've googled and found almost no info for that, except for this page (another app
where people seemed to have a similar problem).


Is there something wrong with the campaign ... with the app or with ElasticEmail?

Thanks for your help
Comment: Most of these addresses belong to Gmail / Yahoo.

I didn't have this problem when using Mandrill.
I tend to think this is something internally for EE, nothing to do with mailwizz, so they should fix their stuff.
Got an Update From ElasticEmail. This was a limitation that was placed to old accounts who did not make a purchase.

"Your account has been created several months ago when we still had daily limits for accounts that did not make purchase . I removed that limit from your account."

Hope that this helps to someone else.