[Solved] Move Subs From List "A" to "B" after Clicking a Campaign Link



First of all, let me tell you that the app looks really good (I'm really enjoying it).

Q: Is it possible to move a subscriber from one list to another after he/she clicks
a link that i've sent them through a campaign?

One final question (Q2): Do you have a php example of how to add a sub to
a list via API?

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Update to Q1: Found that you're allowing to do something similar through the "Mail Open" trigger (cool).
If you could also add another trigger for a "Link Click", it would be fantastic.
Thanks @ mhm360 but (from what i see) it applies to "opened emails" not to clicked links (i'd like to add it to a suggested features list).

API: Thanks @twisted1919 for pointing that (btw, the J. Chan avatar rocks),

Happy to own a copy of your software.
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@Diego you are not seeing it, but it is there.


See blue buttons at bottom below email editor?

"Action against subscriber on link clicks" is what you want.
Thanks a lot @mhm360.

Glad to see that the option is there but i'm getting crazy trying to find it here.

Even i've uploaded the same template that you're using to but i can only see 2 buttons below:

1) "Google UTM Tags"
2) "Save Template Changes"

Any tip on how to enable the extra buttons?

Thanks once again.
Which version of MW are you using?

Are you sure you are in the campaign setup area and not in the template creation area?
Hi Rob, thanks for posting. I've just (2 seconds ago) found where the problem was (may help to someone else):

Tab 2 (Setup). The Field "Url Tracking" was set to "No" (default).​

Changed it to "Yes" and the options are there.​

So, everything is fixed now.

Thanks a million to all of you.
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