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how can i reactivate a long list soft - bounce mails at once in mailwizz ??
and how can i dis-activate the blacklisting of soft bounce emails function
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For soft bounces, the app doesn't take an immediate action, so even if you have many soft bounces, those emails won't be blacklisted.
You can adjust these settings from Backend -> Settings -> Cron (last box in page).

If you had subscribers with many softbounces that were in the end blacklisted, then the first step is to remove them from the main blacklist. Secondly, you need to change their status from blacklisted to confirmed, and you can do this from phpmyadmin by running a sql like:
UPDATE `mw_list_subscriber` SET status = 'confirmed' WHERE `status` = 'blacklisted';
how can i put exactly the code in phpmyadmin
Select your mailwizz database from the left panel, and then, when it is selected, the left panel will show all your database tables.
At that point, in the right panel clic on the SQL tab, paste the above code in the textbox and click GO.
Have a look at:

what is your best proposition to config this interface ?
Leave the defaults.

Menu setting --> cron
the parameters for each customer or for total?
That's the global settings.
You can also adjust per group since 1.3.5
i'm very interested with the 1.3.5 version, can you give me a link for upload ?
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Thank you very much
but when I install this version, I lost my old data or no and how I can make the update ?
Please read the README file in the archive you download and extract.
Backup your data and do the update just like you are instructed in the readme file.
If you follow every step, you will be fine.