SMTP Assigned to Customer

Fernando Leite

New Member

I have a few different customer in my MailWizz software.
Some of my smtp servers are common to all customer but one of the smtp server I want to be only assigned to one specific customer:
- Basically, all the campaigns from that customer must always use that smtp server;
- None of the other campaigns from any other customer(s) can use that smtp;
Can this be done please?

You can do this very simple, in your delivery server, you have an autocomplete field for customer, so type it's email then select it from the dropdown options and save the delivery server. This way, that delivery server is only assigned to that customer and only that customer can use it.
Now, what will happen is that mailwizz will use that delivery server for that customer but if that delivery server has a hourly quota or it is unavailable for any reason, then in order to continue delivery, mailwizz will also send from system servers, so you have to make sure you disallow sending from system servers for this particular customer and in order to do this, you can do it from Backend > Settings > Customers > Servers and set Can send from system servers to NO. But this will affect all customers and we don't want this, so we will create a customer group, and in that customer group, the only change we will do is to set Can send from system servers to NO and then we will assign this customer to the group.

Hope it makes sense.