sms feature


Suggest to create another feature for extend version. Will be good if SMS plugin available. User can send personalised SMS via mailwizz text box ( capture first name and phone number from list ).

How to send sms ?

we can integrate with any sms provider such as Clickatell through API. User must have Clickatell account.
So, it won't hit server or mailwizz performance.

user can purchase credit from us as provider, then the sms only can sent based on available credit. For this option, only ESP require to have API account with Clickatel ( example )

Both option give a lot advantage for end user ( customer )

Yes, this has been discussed several times and i promised i'll have it integrated at some point and it will :)
Don't have an ETA for it though, might take a while.
I've done a lot of SMS marketing and this is one extension that can't just be simple, the laws are more strict across the EU than email laws.

in addition to make SMS marketing effective you need certain functionality otherwise you will annoy your users and damage your reputation.

It is a highly effective marketing method done right.

if you'd like some help with workflow & functionality let me know.

There are far better SMS gateway providers than the likes of Twilio & Clickatell.

Top 2 I have used extensively are Nexmo & Plivo.


Twilio & Clickatell you can call them retailers.
even better if you have your own sms gateway :) or Nexmo (wholesalers pricing) as Rob said above.
Im also interested in this but clickatel is quite expensive. Any other sms gate way with cheap pricing and well documented api?
Has there been any development? Is SMS already implemented?

Otherwise, how can a programmer add sms in mailwizz? It would need a dedicated message editor, API integration for sms vendors, and an opt-out.
I have been using Twilio. Twilio has lot's of APIs and support. Provide services for many enterprise companies.
Also works with no issue. Not only supports SMS, but also other features too.
They have documentation like "How to Build SMS Notification Applications with JavaScript and the Serverless Framework" ....etc