Slow sending with Sendgrid api


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Hi, I'm using 2 email api (mailgun and sendgrid) to send the email.
I'm testing now the mailwizz application, seems everything is correctly set up, only when using sendgrid the delivery time is not really satisfying.
It took me about 30 min to deliver a campaign to a list of 5 users/emails.
while with mailgun it took a bit faster 10 minute.

what could be the issue here, and how to optimize?
and what is a normal delivery time for testing (sending to 5-10 users)

hi thanks. yes it was set up for 15 min, but now i have changed to every minute.
but another problem now is, the stats said all emails has been delivered, but i've received none.

i'm still using sendgrid as the server.

another question, What is auto responder email type? when i used that type, no emails are delivered.

thanks for the fast respond!
If you go to backend -> misc -> campaigns delivery logs, do you get success for all those messages, or you see failures too ?
I see nothing there, just blank,
but i realize i actually receive the emails, only i had unsubscribe the email using the sendgrid url, so it cause my email blocked by sendgrid as receiver. but i have disabled now the default unsubscribe button from sendgrid, and only use the mailwizz one.