Slow sending. 600 Emails/ Hour. - Need it to be faster!

Arun Shah

New Member
My Mailwizz was faster before, but with the new version i am only sending 1,000 emails /hour. what should i do?
OK it is taking 1 second per send in verbose mode. how can i speed this up?

It slows for 1 second on Sending email using DIRECT Method
Seems you're having some latency issue. PCNTL sending should alleviate this, so try with that enabled.
i tried it and basically now my full list does not get sent to. it sends to 5% of list or less (2-3% of my list) and then campaign just stops!!!!
The application doesn't do magic, your settings lead to this, so read the articles i pointed out above and adjust the settings.
Use smaller numbers because they behave better. I can't stress this enough.