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For some reason each campaign i run it only sends around 4,000 emails an hour. I have the following Dedicated server and the following MailWizz settings:

Dedicated Server:

8 X Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
32GB DDR4 Memory
2 x 217GB SSD Raid10 (434GB total)
Running Centos 7.3

MailWizz Settings (same settings for Customer Group):
Subscribers at once: 10,000
Send at once: 0 (disabled)
Pause: 10 seconds
Emails per minute: 0 (disabled)
Change server at: 0 (disabled)
Max bounce rate: -1 (disabled)

Delivery Server Setting:
Hourely Quota: 10,416
Pause after send: 0
Monthly Quota: 0

Amazon SES Limits:
Daily: 250,000
Emails per second: 50

Can someone help me out here please. I have 2 campaigns sending at the moment, one using Elastic Mail and one using Amazon SES, when both campaigns are running its hardly using any of the server CPU/Memory:

Server Load 0.041504 (8 CPUs)
Memory Used 32.92% (10,146,836 of 30,820,548)
Swap Used 0.96% (19,576 of 2,047,996)

As a note in PHP the memory limit is set to -1 meaning unlimited. In the Cron settings i have the value set to system default.
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