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As a newbie I'm starting to get to grips with MW after several years of using interspires emailmarketer. One thing that was really useful in that system was the ability to create a simple "Contact Us" form with captcha that would just send the details of the sender to me.

Is it possible to do the same sort of thing with MW please? I'd like to be able to embed the form into an existing page and have the user redirected to another page after they click send to say thank you for submitting?

Hope someone can help.

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@DezB - Welcome :)
I assume you could do the same with mailwizz as well.
You could create a new email list named Contact Us like this:
Screenshot 2017-04-19 13.15.39.png

And define what custom fields you need for that list:
Screenshot 2017-04-19 13.17.50.png
(Zoomed out to fit the fields)

Then you can set the welcome message for that list:
Screenshot 2017-04-19 13.19.26.png
Then finally, take the embed form for your list and embed it into your own site, something like:
Screenshot 2017-04-19 13.22.59.png
Now when somebody fills in the forum, he will get this message:
Screenshot 2017-04-19 13.24.13.png
And you will get notified as well:
Screenshot 2017-04-19 13.25.26.png

So yeah, that's totally doable with mailwizz too :)
Hi twisted1919

Excellent, I knew you wouldn't let me down, :) There's so much to,learn with MW as it does so much, but it's fun doing so.

Kind regards

Hi twisted1919

All's working just fine, except that the recaptch does not display under the form?? If I click Submit I get taken to an error page where the recaptcha is showing. Am I doing something wrong??

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@DezB - If you want to use recaptcha on other website than mailwizz app, then you have to implement it yourself for that website because while getting the embed code, there's no way to render the recaptcha, it's just technically impossible.
Anyway, why not embeding the form from your mailwizz directly, in an iframe ? Or implement some type of javascript recaptcha where you embed the html ;)
Hi twisted1919

I've just tried both ways. (adding the reCaptcha code to the site and via an iFrame), but for some reason it still takes me to the error page where I have to re-do the reCaptcha?? . Any other ideas please?
@DezB - It doesn't quite work like so, you have two different catcha's there, they can't validate each other...
Your option is to either don't use captcha on the mailwizz side at all, or on your site use the iframe version of the subscription form:
<iframe target="_blank" src="" width="400" height="600" frameborder=0></iframe>