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I'm hosting on Siteground. Ran the index.php file and received an error: 1587062351127.png attached below.

I reached out to Siteground support and this was the response: 1587062414625.png attached below.

I've asked for clarification as I stated that mailwizz direction is to use 0777 - but is this for files, folders or both?? Per Siteground it appears that I'm to use 0644 for files and 0775 for folders. If this in fact correct, and Siteground made this correction, what am I missing??

Also, as you can see at the bottom of the second attachment - .htaccess is set to "deny from all", is this correct??


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@dbrethauer - are you sure that folder actually exists? Because sometimes it can fail uploading and you get that error message, so first check and make sure it exists, if it doesn't, create it, then change it's permissions to 0777.
@twisted1919 - File does exist - permissions are set to 0644 which siteground is suggesting. I'm asking if it's possible to set permissions to your recommendation of 0777.
@twisted1919 - here's sitegrounds response to the permission level. These files/folders aren't being 'displayed over the web' are they so this shouldn't then be an issue??


You can change the permissions, but it is not recommended.

The highest possible permissions on our servers are 644 for file and 755 for folders.

If the permissions on a file or folder are bigger that file or folder can not be displayed over the web.

This is a limitation which we do for security reasons."

So if I'm understanding all of this - and it's been decades since I've played with Unix/Linux - the folder permission can be set to 755 which should then work with mailwizz? Sitegrounds file permission of 0644 - would be acceptable by mailwizz as well??
@dbrethauer - the opening note at says:
Note: we use 0777 for permissions because this is what works on most hosting accounts. The data that you create in the web interface has to also be available in the command line as well and vice-versa, and often the user/group under which the web process runs is different from the one used in command line, which might lead to situations where the files are created from the web interface but they cannot be removed/modified from cli (i.e: when doing cleanups/upgrades/etc) or vice-versa, like cache built in the command line but unreadable in the web interface.
If your hosting account is configured to use same user/group for the web and for the cli, then by all means try to use 0775 or 0755 for file permissions, otherwise stick to 0777.
Got this all figured out. Now working on connecting this to my OVH server as my delivery server...searching the community next.