Settings to limit customers to send 100 email each day, everyday.

Hello Everyone,

I am having a major problem with customer group settings. Want to allow this customer group to send 100 emails each day, everyday forever.

But seems it does not send by itself automatically every day. Except when customer login and presses the continue button manually every day. (Is this normal and expected for them to manually do this every day until campaign finishes?)

I have the following customer group settings. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Sending quota: 100
Time value: 1
Time unit: 1
Wait for quota to expire: Yes
Action when quota reached: Reset the counter for fresh start
Hourly Quota: 0

@HappyMonkeys - The problem with this approach is that if we do not pause the campaigns of customers that went over quota, those campaigns will be taken into consideration each time when the cron jobs to send campaigns will run, even if we don't have to do anything with those campaigns till the quota is back. And this means we're just slowing down the other campaigns from sending.
I could simply remove this condition and instead of pausing the campaign, simply decrease it's priority so we move it in the back of the queue.
I'll do this for the next release and see how it turns out.
Thanks VPul, but I wanted to share my delivery server with many groups. So this might not be a good option with having limited delivery servers.
Thanks Twisted,

I thought maybe my settings were correct to send out 100 emails each day in this group. And by selecting "Action when quota reached: Reset the counter for fresh start", they would be able to continue to send out another 100 the next day, and repeat every day?

Does this mean that my customers need to manually go into their account, find the campaign and press continue? Daily routine now?
Well yeah, unfortunately, but that is because that was never designed to allow such small time periods.
However, in our dev, this has been corrected and with the next release, this will work as expected.