settings all jacked up.

Jon Kopp

I used to have a functioning email platform. I've since then done something that has rendered my campaigns stuck in pending-sending status. Cron's have been confirmed configured in Cpanel.

Would one of you lovely folks like to login to my platform and take a look? I'm using to send.

Thanks in advance.
Here are some pieces of advice given to me (that helped) with this same problem.

Go to your backend admin /settings/cron/ adjust the campaigns at once number higher maybe 50 - that is what i am using right now.

Here is more info on the subject:

Can you please go to Backend -> Settings -> Cron and set the Campaigns At Once setting to a higher number?
My guess is that you have lots of Autoresponders that take up all the slots assigned in settings.
You might as well have a look over:

Hope it helps ...
Doug K
What exactly is this autoresponder issue? I upped my cron campaigns to 75. it's been almost an hour and still stuck in sending %.
I think you misunderstood.
When you schedule a campaign, either regular or autoresponder, it's status will be pending sending.
When the cron job run and picks the campaign, it will chance it's status to "processing" and when done processing will change the status to "sending".
Autoresponders will keep this sending status always, so as far as your AR campaign has this status, it is fine, things work properly.
Makes sense ?
To be 100% sure, pause your AR campaigns and send a test regular campaign. if that goes through, then things are working.
Worth knowing, AR will send emails only to subscribers added in lists AFTER the AR has been created.