Setting up correct URL-tracking in MailWizz


Hello everyone, we are currently looking for someone who can help us configure correct tracking at MailWizz, so we can see all statistics about our campaigns directly in the MailWizz account.

We already tried to set up Domain Tracking and internal tracking via MailWizz, but this approach doesn't suit us because we update custom fields in lists daily (here is my thread about this problem on the forum with more details).

So, we want to configure tracking in such a way, so our SMTP servers transfer data about opens/clicks to MailWizz and that's it. Currently, we use 3 SMTP servers:
  • SendGrid
  • SparkPost
I have read somewhere that it is possible to configure SparkPost via webhook in such a way that it transfers data about opens/clicks to MailWizz but I don't know how to do it.

If you are able to handle my request or suggest another decision on this issue, please reply to this thread or mail me back, so we can work on it.

Thank you :)