Setting up bounce servers

Brian Jones

New Member
I've tried 2 dedicated servers and 2 shared servers and I ALWAYS get

Unknown error while opening the connection!

same with adding Delivery servers... I can set up "Sendmail" with no problems but when adding a SMTP server it simply goes through the checking motions and refreshes after 30 seconds

what am I missing..?

ALSO tried to add SES but that was a no go too

Please help.
@Brian Jones - Can you go to Backend > Misc > PHP Info and see what php version you're using?
Also, does your hosting cpanel allow changing php versions? if os, what are the other options?
Ok, so let me give you a few pointers.
The unknown error from the bounce server is given because your php version was compiled with an imap library that is not compatible with the imap library from your bounce server. Thus you need a newer php version.

Related to delivery servers, any functions listed in the disable_functions block of your php.ini file? That might be the case.
Any firewall that can block outgoing connections on certain ports? That can cause it too.

I upgraded php and easily added a bounce server using the same details

Now I have a sendmail "delivery server" and a "bounce server" listed...

still having issues adding external servers and amazon ses but one thing at a time lol

Connection issue for "delivery server" was due to SMTP_BLOCK firewall setting

Added 4 delivery servers with no issues after that was sorted