Server IPs instead of SMTP


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A quick newbie question:
I want to send around 1M emails per day to scraped lists with minimum risk of getting shut down, and for as much inbox delivery rate as possible in a cost efficient manner.

Would it a good idea to use multiple server IPs instead of using SMTP services?
Or would you recommend using SMTP? If so, which one would you recommend and why?

And would OVH be a decent option? If not, any suggestion on a decent server that is not strict?

How many IPs should I get and how does the number of IPs affect performance? how do you decide how many extra IPs you'd use?

Is this a good warm up schedule to follow?

Many thanks in advance!
Hi BenFrankie,

If you use any respectable hosting company you will be shut down.... And they seem to have a good reason for it.

Emailing on scraped lists is not only again the anti spam laws (in almost every country in the world), but you will also get a lot of spam traps. So building up any reputation or even delivering the emails you want to send will be close to impossible.