Server Domain policies + multiple servers?


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i'd like to know a little more about how the domain policies work when running multiple servers.

if i have one server that is allowed to run all it server 1
and another server (server2) that is not allowed to run hotmail or comcast (deny: comcast deny: hotmail)

and the servers are on a 50/50 split how does that work?
will any hotmail/comcast that goes to server 2 just be 'dropped' or lost?
or will the system automatically send all hotmail/comcast to server 1 where those domains are allowed?

thank you.

No email will ever be dropped, the idea of these policies is that a certain server can send to certain domains or it can't send to certain domains.
Keep in mind that if you have a server with a policy that is allowed to send only to for example and that server gets picked for sending a batch of emails that contain any email address but, then no email will be sent in that batch through that server, but mailwizz will loop through all and do nothing. Next time when sending happens, if another server is picked, with a policy that allows any domain sending, it will send all these email, but if the same server with the yahoo policy is picked, again, it won't send any email.
This is how it works for now, not 100% optimal, at some point this has to be improved, but again you should do these policies from your MTA not from mailwizz.

Hope it makes sense.