Server API / Reply-to Headers

Liz Klein

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Hi all - I noticed that when I (or a recipient) replies to any email generating from mailwizz using MailGun API, I am seeing the same reply-to email address TWICE (one with the display name and the other with just the email address, but 2 reply-to addresses). In addition, when you reply to the email and look at the original message, it shows a confusing string of "on behalf of" but it is the same email address and the emails have the proper DKIM / SPF configuration / records with mailgun. This is also causing weird bounces with the error message "Messages should have one or no Reply-To headers, not 2" Also, the "from" and "to" email address in the campaign are identical to the default "from email" in the delivery server settings. I am confused. I included an example below:

When I reply to an email coming from mailwizz, I see the same 2 email addresses in the format below, one with the display name and the other with just the email. But, it is confusing to the recipient why there are 2 email addresses (even though they are the same). I also included the weird "on behalf" string that you see when you reply in the body of the message, even though it is the same email address. And again, DKIM / SPF are set up properly.

TO: <>; First Name Last Name <>

From: <> on behalf of First Name Last Name <>
Reply-To: "" <>, First Name Last Name <>
Date: Monday, April 30, 2018 at 4:12 PM
To: Recipient Address
Subject: Message

How do I fix this so when I send an email, the reply-to email is only showed 1 time and with 1 email?