Serious problem when installing in my hosting


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1 month ago that I bought the extended license of MailWizz and at the moment, it is impossible for me to use it with my hosting

I downloaded the updated zip. I extract. I upload the files to my hosting, but my hosting blocks the upload of files because it detects a serious security error. I have spoken with my hosting and they have answered me:
"This file is a .c, that is, source code in c language without compiling, which can not be executed. This type of files has no reason to be in your hosting, since not only will not compile them, but also are Which is potentially dangerous to the security of your account.This security system has therefore blocked the IP from which this file has been uploaded, in order to avoid new potentially dangerous accesses.Please delete this file from your local computer, or simply avoid Which is uploaded again via FTP, otherwise, your IP will be blocked again "

They talk about this file:

I do not know how to fix the problem because it is impossible to upload the files. I can not use MailWizz in hosting?
Do I need a special hosting?

Please help


That's the reason why MW suggest to use VPS/Server instead of Shared hosting.

As in Shared hosting, there are few security issues which might hosting provider not allowed to use in Share environment.
@500sitios - as i told you in the support ticket, you can rmeove that file since it's part of twig and comes with it when we install that package.However, i don't thing that is a security conern at all, just your webhosting does, and i think that is wrong.
Anyway, just remove it and continue using the app ;)
It seems that there are problems with other mailwizz files :( So, I am going to pay for a VPS next month, and I will try to do the installation there. I hope it works well there, without problems and I can, at last, start Use the software, I already lost 2 months of Mailwizz support because I did not get it to work :( (first I have tried a lot to solve it, then I went to the hosting company and now to Mailwizz)
When I have the VPS running, if I have installation problems, I will write again
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