Seperate Delivery Servers for Engaging and Non-Engaging Customers

I was wondering which one of the following scenarios would be the easiest to achieve through Mailwizz.

Scenario #1
Writing an extension that uses Delivery Server #1 to be used for their first two sends. After their first two campaign sends, it uses Delivery Server #2 assigned to the customer for any given list.

Scenario #2
Writing an extension which separates out engaging customers from non-engaging customers (customers who didn't click/open prior campaign) and sends all engaging through Delivery Server #1 and the non-engaging through Delivery Server #2.

Scenario #3
Write an extension where the two delivery server assigned to the customer - their probabilities of use are changed according to their reputation (opens, clicks vs complaints and bounces).

Which scenario takes the least amount of time and renders best results? And how would you go about writing code for something like this? Would love to especially hear the opinion of @twisted1919