Sending tooooooo slow 61@ / min


Hello everyone,
I still have a worry:)

I have a new waiter smtp.
It is ready and functions with 5 IPs in rotation.

On the side waiter, all is ok.
But on the Mailwizz side, I have a problem.
Script MW does not send that 60 e-mails per minute…
It is too little.

In my parameters in MW, I very put in “unlimited” to see.but nothing changes.

Do you have an idea?I tear off my hair by myself !
Memory limit:1GB
Simultaneous campaigns * 100
Simultaneous subscribers * 100
Simultaneous sendings * 10000
Pauses * 1
E-mails per minutes * 10000
change smtp with * 0
It does not matter where it is, you can run the command just fine since you run a mailwizz command.
The fact you say mailwizz is not on the same server as your smtp makes me think you experience a issue with the letency between the two, that being the cause of slow sending, but again, running the send campaigns command in debug mode is the only thing that can help you understand what's going on.