sending test emails


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Hey guys, happy new year wish you all the best in 2017.

I have update mailwizz to the latest version, I have create a new campaign and tried to send test emails. but I got this error:

even though i have subscribers on the lists selected, and i have entered one recipient to send test to.

i tried adding 2 test emails:,, i got http 500 error.

can someone else confirm this to see if its something on my end or not.
Note: using cpanel server, domain is on CloudFlare, was working before I updated to the latest version.
Thank you for your time.
Hello @twisted1919, thank you for your response. nothing to worry about. all good now.
its some changes i did to MailerPHPMailer.php that was causing the issue. sorry for the trouble man.

uploaded the original MailerPHPMailer.php and its all good now.

Thank again man!