Sending server


Hi guys,

Is there any way to change:

Received: from (,xxx,xxx) by mta.sendingserver,com id h3ovdg0001gp for <>; Fri, 3 Apr 2015 03:17:02 -0400 (envelope-from <xxxxxx>)

And to make them same as sending server?
I gather that appeared in your "from" field in an email you sent out from MW.

If that's the case then, yes, you can make MW come from any name you like.

Do it through the campaign part of your outgoing email, if the sending domain matches the sending email it will arrive matched up.

You can also set deatils per delivery server and lock them to any customer.

I suggest you do some trial and error, you'll fijnd the solution faster :)
Whats your email client? How do you see headers? I dont see this in gmail headers. I see them in my testing cpanel created emails with Thunderbird client. SO it means every GI email is receiving domain where mailwizz is installed with IP and sending server with IP and domain.

Too much info ;)

I dont want that my mailwizz domain to be seen in the headers.
I know how to see gmail headers. Gmail doesn't show this specific header even though it receives it, that's why I am using Thunderbird with spamassassin filters turned on.