Sending rate/speed optimalization


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Hi, I am wondering what are the best practises regarding sending speed. Is dividing the Campaign into smaller batches going to help the deliverability? What is the best way that is working for you?

I currently use 500 mails / per minute
50 send at once

I am thinking of slowing it down, maybe send batches every two hours.
What do you think?


Vpul Shah

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Hi Ymmies,

Can you tell what speed you want to achieve or how many emails/campaign you want to send hourly ?


It's a great article to explain how it works. But I still have no idea how to setting my MW. in my case:

I have 20 users, each of them send 10K per day (so totally 200K per 24 hours)..
My server is
CPU - 1 Core
Bandwidth - 2MB

what is the best setting?
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