sending quota - timing

Sandor K

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Hi guys,

So how timing works exactly? I'm confused a bit.

I have a group with 4000 sending quota for a month and the wait YES.
The client used only 3800 credits thorough the month. But he wants to sent an other 3800.
Can he do that from one month to the day he sent that campaign? Actually the 3800 was sent out in 2-3 campaigns on different days. He also deleted all campaigns after he sent them.
So how the system will know when to reset his monthly quota?

They wondering when they can send an other bunch of emails and I am not quite sure..

Settings:Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 23.21.02.png
thanks :)
Each sent email is recorded in a database table and that database table is used to determine the customer quota usage but also the delivery server quota usage, so despite the fact the customer deletes his campaigns after sending, the quota won't drop.

As for the timing, counting sent emails against quota starts with the first email sent by the customer, from there, everything is pretty straight forward :)
"table is used to determine the customer quota usage"
What is the name of this table?
Is it possible to define which day it should start to count despite the date of the first email sent?