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is there a way to send the newsletter without schedule it?
Like a "send it now" bottom or something


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Don't change the time/date when creating a campaign, when you click the "send campaign" button it will send immediately.


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Thanks @Rob for your answer - but looks like no test campaign has been sent.
The delivery server is correctly configured (or at least, it seems to be)
On the log of the mailserver I don't see any connection, it looks like MW isn't able to connect to the delivery server (but should be, because during the setup everything was OK)


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Thanks again @twisted1919
..and in fact, you're right:

# ls /var/www/html/mwz/latest/apps/console/console.php
ls: cannot access /var/www/html/mwz/latest/apps/console/console.php: No such file or directory

Sorry for stupid error.


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to me, too often :)
Now the cron is ok, I tried also to debug manually

# /usr/bin/php5 -q /apps/console/console.php send-campaigns --verbose=1
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Starting the send-campaigns command...
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Found 1 campaigns for processing, starting...
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Starting processing the campaign...
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Processing the campaign ttest having the uid: cz8122bj23856 belonging to the customer: custone(1)
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Checking customer quota before we start...OK
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Picking a delivery server...
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Unable to find a valid delivery server, aborting until a delivery server is available!
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Finished processing the campaign, took 0.013 seconds!
[2015-06-29 18:52:20] Finished the send-campaigns command!

and looks good,
But it's still unable to send the campaign.
Do you have other suggests?

Thank you @twisted1919


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Well today is my day, sorry again.. I didn't catch the message you catch after one second :)
Sorry and thank you again for you patience.
Now it works fine!