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I Have a few campaigns running and one of them has said Sending (96%) for nearly an hour. Has it got stuck and if so can I force it to finish?
Sending status is fine, is not stuck. When it stays in Processing for too long then it might be stuck, but Sending is fine.
Have a look into Backend -> Misc submenu, where you have couple of tools to see how delivery goes and if errors, to see what those are.
Okay, I've got 31642 sitting in the delivery logs, with all of them having Processed as No and some from yesterday. Does that mean these are the ones that haven't sent properly or are waiting to send?
Just had a thought. We have people being moved to a list if they open or click on a link. The list they are being moved to is the one in perpetual send. Is that because it's still sending while the others are going out people are being moved into it and sent the email we sent out from it so it's never completing?
I've now also got a mail that's been pending-sending for hours. My limit in campaigns is 10,000 so that shouldn't be the problem.
Found issue on both was to do with Parallel Sending. Not sure what was going on but the speed increase wasn't significant. I've stopped it for the moment and installing Redis on the server to test that from tomorrow.
Hi! We have the same problem. A campaign is stucked in "sending (100%)" for days, then the programmed campaigns that follows doesn't start. The workarround for us is pausing and marking it as sent, but on weekends is not an option. Can't found anything usefull in logs.
We are using the daemon too.
@Eduardo Agustín Bayot - What is your campaign status?
What are the settings from backend -> settings -> cron (screenshot of first box please)
The logs from Backend -> Misc -> Delivery servers usage logs, do they show anything?
  1. Campaign status is "Sending(100%)".
  2. See attached image.
  3. We didn't find hints in those logs, neither in the delivery logs.

Thanks again.


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I'm sorry, i forgot to mention some things:
  • We have several subscribers lists, 2 with near 2k subscribers, 1 with 35k and the last one, with near 50k
  • Only the last one fails
  • We are using the parallel daemon because with the cron the campaign take more than one day to complete.
  • With the parallel daemon, it's take little more than 4 hours
So, can we test it without using the cron?
The only way to test it is to stop the daemon that sends in parallel and to pause all other campaigns beside the problematic one.
Then run that campaign in debug mode as described above, and you'll see the exact reason for failure.
It change the status to sending, not to Sent.
[2015-06-01 19:54:33] Exiting from the foreach loop, took 169.328 seconds to send for all 489 subscribers from which 141.214 seconds only to communicate with remote ends.
[2015-06-01 19:54:35] Campaign status has been changed to: SENDING
[2015-06-01 19:54:35] Finished processing the campaign, took 175.398 seconds!
[2015-06-01 19:54:35] Finished the send-campaigns command!
When you run the command, you see exactly to whom it actually sends the emails.
Run the command several times and see if it tries to send to same subscribers, if it does, it means those are emails that failed sending and mailwizz retries.
You also can see now, for each subscriber, if mailwizz sends the emails successfully or not so if it says it sends succesfully then retry the command.
I ran it several times, and the last ones return:
[2015-06-01 20:19:08] Campaign status has been set to PROCESSING.
[2015-06-01 20:19:08] Searching for subscribers to send for this campaign...done, took 0.494 seconds.
[2015-06-01 20:19:08] Running subscribers cleanup...
[2015-06-01 20:19:09] Subscribers cleanup completed.
[2015-06-01 20:19:09] Entering into the foreach loop to send for all 0 subscribers.

[2015-06-01 20:19:09] Exiting from the foreach loop, took 0 seconds to send for all 0 subscribers from which 0 seconds only to communicate with remote ends.
[2015-06-01 20:19:09] Campaign status has been changed to: SENDING
[2015-06-01 20:19:09] Finished processing the campaign, took 1.161 seconds!
[2015-06-01 20:19:09] Finished the send-campaigns command!

I understand the retries, but i don't get why it doesn't change the status to sent.
This is getting interesting.
Can you PM me with SSH access to the server to run this myself and edit the files in case i need ?