Sending Logic

Joseph smith

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Hi there,

Trying to increase my knowledge int he platform and avoid several doubts that I still have it I would like to put it all cards on the table and solve it. if so let get it done:

Sending logic
1. if Send several campaigns in this way
Campaigns at once = 100
Subscribers at once = 240
Send at once = 20
Pause = 5
Emails per minute = 240
the system in the back would work something like:
a) load 1 batch with 240 users then the state is changing to sending now is starting to sending out all these emails obeying IF 20 first users have been sent WAIT 5 second then other 20 users wait 5 seconds so on...
so the formula it would be 1 min = 60 seconds / 5 seconds = 12 (divide time) * 20 (users per batch) = 14.4k users per hour!.

is this correct? or something it's something missing!

thanks for all!