Sending Limits

Dan O'Shea

This is just an "I'd like to know"...

If I want a limit of 1440 emails per day, does it really matter whether the 'Sending' settings are:

1 per per minute
60 per hour
1440 per day

Reason is, I want to protect a local brokerage company's email server.

So, if they send 1,200 at once with the local server, does it really matter the sending settings as I know they put limits themselves. Thx
Good question actually, i guess the answer is... it depends.
Keep in mind that if their server has quota limits set, then when reached, they'll start rejecting emails and while mailwizz retries rejected emails 3 times, you might end up finally with failed sendings because of that.
Guess the best way to avoid issues, would be to simply assign them a delivery server with a hourly quota of X emails/hour and be done with it.
Otherwise you might as well allow them to send X per day using only that particular delivery server and wait for the quota to expire and once expired simple refresh the counters for a fresh start.

Hope it makes sense...somehow..
I know Bluehost keeps sending limits at 150 per hour, so setting at maybe 100 per hour is a safe catch-all limit. Thx.