Sending emails based on the recipients' time zones

I'm still yet to test Segmentation / Auto Responders within MailWizz so im sure someone will offer a better solution to this but from the top of my head this is what i would do:

Work out in Excel first what the hour difference is for each of your recepients and place a number, so for example lets say the server hosting MailWizz is set to UTC +0 time (England), and one of your customers had the time zone of UTC +1 as they live in Amsterdam. You should then create a column in your data called TimeDiff, in that colume under that subscriber you would put the number 1.

Do the same for all your subscribers, save it and then upload the list. You'd then need to schedule your emails to go out matching the number, so for example send email to X IF TimeDiff = 1 (1 hour ahead of the server time). Then just schedule that email to be sent at a time you want.

Pretty sure theres a better way of doing this but like i say iv yet to fully test MailWizz as im still setting everything up.
Interesting ideas above!
To not burden the mailer with this timetravel to much, one way might be to just put the mails that mwz produces into different intermediate pickup folders, e.g. one for each hour, depending on the (last updated) timezone of the subscriber. Then a cron just gets the current hour's pickup directory into the general one and out it goes.
Let's keep the creative juices flowing ;)