Sending email rate very slow



I'm trying to send 1117 emails to a list of mine using mandrill, because im new then the rate is 300 per a hour, So when setting up the mandrill server in MW I set the limit to 300 per a hour -

I've hit send and its done 8% (sent 100 emails) When I look at the campaign information then it notes the following

Estimated completition rate 8.953% sent so far, that is 100 out of 1,117
Estimated completition duration 10 hours, 10 minutes

if we are sending at the rate of 300 per a hour then it should do 1200 in 4 hours - Is there another setting that I need to configure ?

Don't take the "Estimation" in serious too much, that is based on the current amount sent in what time it has been sent reported to your whole list. It doesn't take into consideration limits or the like, it is, as it says, just a rough estimate.