Sending and tracking domains not working


Hi guys,

I've got the following setup:

MW on Server 1 with a subdomain of a "use for a lot of different stuff domain", PMTA on Server 2 with x IPs with the customer domain on it.

Server 2 also is NS for the customer domain.

PMTA does the DKIM and the SPF/DKIM is configured in the NS correctly.

Now, I tried to add as a CNAME to - I get access to MW if I go through so that part works fine.

Now I created a tracking domain -, marked skip validation to yes and locked it to the customer <- saved, done.

I created a sendout domain:, DKIM set to no, Verified set to yes and locked it to the customer <- saved, done.

If I login to the customer and send a campaign with use URL tracking set to yes, it sends a campaign without the URL tracking (just has the direct link I put in the campaign) and the Return-Path is

I want the URL in the campaign to be masked by a tracking URL with and the Return-Path to be based on the - optimal just as the reply-to, as does not exist.

I've been fiddeling with the settings for some hours - what step am I missing since the above 2 things aren't working?
Uhm why?
Form a mailing point of view it makes absolutely no sense not to mask the link/track clicks in the TXT version of an email.
@twisted1919 I looked into this, no other mailapp I've tried the past couple of days (Sendy, Interspire, PHPList) does this like you do - the URL is always masked/url tracking is active even if it is a txt mail outgoing - so question is, why doesn't MW do the same? :)
@twisted1919 Haha ok - can you point me in the direction of where in the code I can edit the setting? Cause deliverability wise it makes no sense not linking to the sender domain in the TXT part :)