Sending a confirmation reminder + remove user after x days.

John L.

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I am trying to keep my list of subscriber as clean as possible.

Is there a way the system send back a reminder to confirm the validation link sent by email and after X days if not confirmed the email is removed?

Thank you :)
you can do this by sending a campaign, and if they click some link, change some custom fields to a certain value and then send emails only to people with that value.
I am not sure to understand.

I have set the system to double opt-in. I have 15 subscribers and out of the 15 I only have 11 people confirmed.

I would like the 4 people unconfirmed to receive a 2nd message asking to confirm their subscription and if they didn't click on the validation link then 24 hours later they are removed from the system.

Thank you :)
I see, okay, then a couple of clarifications are needed.
1. mailwizz will remove unconfirmed subscribers from the system automatically, depending on your settings. Go to backend > settings > cron and search for "Unsubscribe days".
2. if you want to send the reconfirmation email, you can do it manually for now, just select your unconfirmed subscribers:
Screenshot 2019-02-19 08.54.04.png
Thank you for the information/screenshot.
I was able to setup the admin part but I cannot find the list subscribers like you do and I tried all links in the admin section without any success. Some guidance would be much appreciated.

Also please let me know if it's normal that all clicks leads to no pages (the mouse is changing to clickable content):

Thank you team! :)
Awesome!! Thank you... Last question. You said you can resend confirmation email manually for now... Do you have any plan or making this an automatic task? (I would LOOOVE that) ... Thank you :)
Do you have any plan or making this an automatic task?
I am not sure TBH, beside you, now, people didn't really had this issue in the past, this is why it's still manually. We tend to do changes when they affect more people :p
Hahaha !! ;) Well... it's not an issue, it's a Fantastic Add-on (trying to sell you the idea) ... Because we can set to send the reminder for 4 days and remove at the 5th day... We have more chances to get a subscriber. :)