Sending a campaign only between 10 AM - 5 PM EST and then resume next day between same time

Hi @laurentiu , Thanks.

I have been using recurring campaigns for some time now but did not know it can be used to resume the running campaign.

The way I have been using "Advanced recurring" right now when I want the same campaign to recur everyday - so the campaign creates a copy of itself and start at selected time.

But my question was not to make the campaign recurring but to resume same campaign. For example my current list is 100000 and at my current speed it can only send 10k daily so the same campaign resumes next day between selected time period.

Are you saying that I can use "advanced recurring" for resuming same campaign within selected time period?



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@Sandeep Saxena - You can use delivery server Daily quota with Advanced recurring. You can set a Daily quota for your delivery server in your case 10k and then use Advanced recurring only to set hour to send emails Every day at 10 AM -5 PM also max runs make it 1 to run only one time recurring campaign.
@twisted1919 by changing the cron I think it will change the trigger time while what I am looking to do is to let the campaign go in a specific time zone. Example I am based in India but my clients are in US and their campaigns need to continue between 8AM -5 PM EST.

For example I fire a campaign on Monday to a list of 100k with daily limit of 20k and everyday I want it to send only between 8AM - 5PM EST and pause at 5 PM EST and then resume the same campaign next day 8 AM EST.


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yeah, but if you need to go this direction, you can schedule the cron job by taking into consideration the timezone.
cron job will use your server time/timezone, so just set that to the right timezone and then adjust the cron job frequency.