sending 3 messages instead of one



I sent newsletter campaing for 1 recipients,
He received the same newsletter message 3x times (same duplicated message)

Which setting might cause this ?
Br. Patuks
Mailwizz only retries sending if the response from the smtp end says that sending didn't work out.
Then the status of the email is marked as temporary error and queued for later sending. If we get same error 3 times, then we mark the email as an error and we log the reason why it errored out.

You should look in the list delivery reports for that particular email address and see if in the end sending was successfully or not.
Secondly, what delivery method are you using?
Thirdly, it's just him that received the message 3 times?
Fourthly, what mailwizz version?

View delivery servers usage logs is right place to check ?
I didnt find logs, I will now check what postfix log says when sending

1. Every mail will succesfully sent
2.Delivery method SMTP
3.Every reciept will get 3 times the same messages
4.Mailwizz version is latest 1.3.5
Test this again and while the campaign is sending, take a look in backend -> misc -> campaigns delivery logs, at the message column.
One more thing, when you say they receive the email 3 times, does this also gets reflected in the campaign stats and the number of emails a customer sent so far?
I will re-install my server and check if this issue gets fixed,
Mailwizz log says its send only once, but actually its send 3 times per receipt.
I believe problem is in my server for sure.
Double check your cron jobs too, recently we had a similar situation where the cron job fro sending campaigns was duplicated and two emails were sent instead of one.
Wow nice, thanks twisted !
I have re-installed, Mailwizz few times for testing purposes
and that was the reason there were 3 times the same crons :)