Sendgrid integration questions


New Member

I have SG set up as a delivery server, and I have run into a few questions.

1 - The stats in MW are substantially different than what appears in SG. I sent 3 campaigns in Nov, with a total of about 390k recipients. MW is showing the number sent and delivered as the same (100% delivery), open rates that are much lower than what SG shows, and complaints are lower too. Could this be due to too much traffic to the webhook, so some data gets lost? I'm not sure what to make of it.

2 - The unsubscribe page loads pretty slowly when there is a campaign running. Looking at the server resource usage, it doesn't appear to be getting hit too hard, so I'm not sure why that would be. The admin side still seems to load pretty quickly.

3 - In an effort to help with some DMARC issues I'm having, SG will be changing the return-path to an address I set manually, which means they won't handle that part of it anymore. Can I set that up in MW and attach it to the SG delivery server, even though it's set to the SG API?