Senders with sparkpost


This my issue:
I have a server with sparkpost API : email :
I have some customers.
When a customer send a compaign, he use his email address (for ex:, but when the email received we have :
Sender email
Reply email :

I know that is good for delivrability but I want just to know if is possible to use unique email sender for each customer.
For example :
Customer 1:
Sender email
Reply email :

Customer 2:
Sender email
Reply email :
I don't want to create all this email address in sparkpost (, etc)
Hey @roland, It's actually possible :)

The emails are always going from "" because you might have enabled "Force FROM > always" within server setup.

Secondly, if you wish to use "" and "" then there is no option but first you've to verify the Sending Domains under SparkPost because it's their policy otherwise if you send it without domain verification you'll receive an error saying something like "valid domain not found" or something like that :D

Note: If you verify the customers sending domains under SparkPost then you have to put DKIM record to verify and your customers will be able to know that you're using SparkPost :p

Hope that helped!