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Hello .. Good evening.
I just bought the tool and am adapting to use it.
I would like to get some doubts, because I can not get the desired result.
I installed the tool on my server and added a sending server, in this case the elasticmail, so far things went well.

My main question at the moment is, what do I need to do to make sent emails sent with the domain I want, for example.

I registered in the system 2 domains, one for each situation, in the elasticmail I registered as, all the emails that I send are sent as, how can I do to solve this case ?

Thank you!
@anderson.deda - What you're asking for is called FROM spoofing, and nowadays most of the ESP's don't allow it anymore :-s
You can try it though, if you edit your delivery server, mailwizz has an option called "Force FROM". Set that to Never and save your changes then send another campaign and see how it goes. Please note that this settings might as well break delivery, so it's even it will work or not at all ;)
Good evening.
Well maybe I did not explain myself in the best way.
What I really want to do is ....

MailWizz works through
I added a secondary domain and added the entries correctly from dkim and spf both to my main domain and to an additional domain that I am testing.

What I would like is to have mailwizz send emails using this additional domain, but I've normally followed the DNS settings, just do not know exactly what I need to do.

Thank you!
What I would like is to have mailwizz send emails using this additional domain
I think i need more info for this, if you don't mean the domain that appears in the FROM headers of the emails, then what exactly you mean when you say you want it to send emails with additional domain? Where does this domain should appear?