Send to multiple lists


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That would be better, except the exclusions of doubles would need to be handled and it seems this has not been implemented at dbf level fast.
Yes, you are right. I didnt consider that.
In this case, when multiple campaign are created, the software will need to create a unique outbound queue, merging duplicates.

I'm fond to this topic because i have many customers (with their own VPS) using multiple lists.
I just cant teach them to use Segments... For them, its like garlic for vampires :)

I'm currently using another software, i want to migrate everything to MailWizz (for now i purchased only 1 license to test it in real word usage) but the current management of multiple lists per campaign is not acceptable to my customers :(


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@Giampaolo - we will get there too, for now we simply have other priorities.
Please note that we tried this in the past, but it has to work perfectly, and it didn't in our case, so we simply gave up at that point.


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@mwjim - yes, it's not easy to do a major upgrade without breaking existing running installs. It also takes us a lot of time each day to maintain 1.x and to help you guys over the tickets.
Remember, we're a super small team, just 2 developers and a q/a tester. We do our best.