send invalid


i install the version of mailwizz
I noticed a new problem when I launched a campaign mailing it appears to me that the campaign ended with Success‌valide.png 100% but when I click on the statistic I find that the sending server just a small percentage and the rest invalid (knowing that the server works well and the list of emails is valid)
here is the example
Go to backend -> misc -> campaign delivery logs and see why those emails have failed.
If the status is set to temporary error, then mailwizz will retry sending.
I have on log many fatal and temporary error
I started sending since yesterday but until now no error email was retry sending
It will, keep an eye on those with temporary errors and you'll see. Anyway, watch the reason why they are in temporary error.
Okay and you can't see the problem?
For me it seems that you are hiting some kind of limit (Error: too much mail from ...)
Maybe try to send slower to avoid this error, or see who exactly returns that error (your smtp server or the server for that email address) and if you can do something about it. For me it seems that your email server is returning that error. If it's your server, have a look here: