Send different autoresponder for opt-ins that are already in an other list


Hi, Man.

Just a quick question just to know if it posible to achieve this: I'm creating a new list with a new campaign. This campaign has 1 autoresponder email to welcome the new subscribers. It's highly posible that some people that are already subscribers in other of my lists, also want to subscribe to this one. But my welcome emails are really personal, and it would look odd that they receive this one email all the strangers are getting as if we don't now each other, so I would like to send a different autoresponder email for they guys that are already subscribe to any of my other lists.

Can I do this? I f so, can you point me how to do it?

Awesome, I'm really happy with your work

Unfortunately this isn't really possible, we barely started to scratch the connection between multiple lists so we have yet to add such functionality...