Send Campaign slowed down


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i've noticed that my "send campaign" slowed down .
It take many time before the "subscribers cleanup", see below my log

[2020-01-29 07:41:09] - Looking for subscribers for campaign with uid pw193m51j540d...(This is subscribers worker #18)
[2020-01-29 07:41:09] - For campaign with uid pw193m51j540d and worker 18 the offset is 136 and the limit is 8
[2020-01-29 07:41:52] - This subscribers worker(#7) will process 8 subscribers for this campaign...
[2020-01-29 07:41:52] - Running subscribers cleanup..

Have you any idea in which way i could debug this issue ?

Can you check if there any limit in hourly in your customer group and Delivery server.

Hi VPul,
all settings are "unlimited" but probably i've found an issue in connections limit in my database.
Now i wait 24hours to check if the issue is solved.
thx for your reply
ok, i found (probably) the issue.
After upgrading cpu / ram of my server we raised a little improve of performance . Our list was of 1M of subscribers, after splitting the list into 2 small list we bypassed the slow down .
Maybe could useful for other users ;)