Send autoresponder messages on specific days of the week?

We don't have that option yet in the app core, however, it can be done with a small hack...
First, you will have to process the regular campaigns and autoresponders with separate cron jobs, like shown at and then, simply change the frequency of the cron job for autoresponders, instead of running each day each minute, make it run only weekends each minute.
Is this possible yet?

I've got a drip campaign set to go out like this:
#1 - 1day after subscribe
#2 - 4days after subscribe
#3 - 6days after subscribe

If #1 (1day) goes out Wednesday, then I set my crons to not run during the weekends, on Monday, #2 and #3 will both go out on the same day.

If there was an option to run an autoresponder, for example, 2 days after autoresponder ID#1 goes out, then this would be possible to stagger the sequence based on the previously sent autoresponder rather than the subscribed day. Is that possible?

Or is there any other solution to this?