Send an unique email when a campaign email is open


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Hello again,

Would you please tell me more about the "campaign confirmation" screen > send to users which open campaign XXX

So at one point, I can send another email to people which open the "main" one.
Is the sending immediate at the time you confirm ?
What happen if, after, some other are opening the main campaign ?

- Let's say 300 openings for campaign XXX
- I send those 300 using new campaign YYY

2 days after, we have now 350 openings for XXX
How can I join the 50 new openings, and make sure to NOT send to 300 first ?

(cause if I copy YYY, system will send to 350 all together, no ?)

The way this works is very simple.
Say you have list A with 100 subs and you send a campaign and only 50 open the campaign.
Now, you want to send a campaign to those 50 people who opened the campaign, so you create another campaign, and in the confirmation step, you select to send only to people who sent a certain campaign, that is, your previous campaign sent to this list.
Once sending starts, only those 50 will receive an email. if new subscribers open the previous campaigns (the initial one where 50 have opened) and this last campaign did not finish sending, then those subscribers will also get a copy email.
Makes sense?