Send a Test / Preview email


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I am new to mailwizz. I created a test campaign, and reached the Details > Setup > Template > Confirmation screen. The next step on Confirmation simply says Send Campaign. I don't want to send yet. I want to send a test/preview to myself. I can't find a save or save as draft option. I had no choice but to Click Send. And after sending, I can't edit it. I need to create a copy of the campaign. Just for 3 minor edits, I have had 3 campaign created.

Maybe there is something I am missing out that should be simple to fix this. Could someone please guide me on how to save as draft, and send a preview email without sending to the entire list.

In the "template" step of the campaign you have a "test" button to test your campaign, you can use that.
After you go through the first campaign step, your campaign is automatically a draft, so you can leave it as is and return to it later.