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Dear Guys
I have this scenario and I wonder if it can be validated in Mailwizz:
A list of 1K email,, I want to send for 100 email every day
so I create a campaign assign it to the first 100 in the list,, mark or tag them with a specific word,, send them the campaign, next day I send to the same campaign to the first UNMARKED 100 person,, and so on every got it??

Vpul Shah

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You can add field like Daily and add tag_1, tag_2 in your CSV sheet and assign 100 subscribers to that Tag.

Then upload that list.

Create a segment tag_1, tag_2.

Then when you create a campaign you can select that segment so it send to those subscribers only.


You can simply set Delivery Server - Daily sending limit 100. So it will stop after sending 100, then next day it will send to another 100.

Hope it helps you.