segmentation by dropdown field value not working


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I have a custom dropdown field "Method" that allows to set the means by which a record was added to the database. the options are "signup" or "manual". The field is hidden and not mandatory (yet). Via a recent import I have left the field empty on purpose. New additions will either be added via the signup form (marking the field as "signup") or manually (marking the field as "manual").

The purpose is to let an automation send a welcome email only to subscribers who signed up themselves.
My segmentation (see below) was simply selecting all with the field "Method" is not "manual".
However despite the fact that currently all of the records should fall into this segment, none are being picked up.
I'm puzzled. How can such a simple segmentation already fail?

Annotation 2020-08-22 130714.png

I've tried a few other variations, too. None work, despite the fact that all records would fall into the selected categories:
  • not contains "manual" (obviously without quotation marks)
  • is [EMPTY]
I've run a few more tests and it looks like that dropdown, tickbox and multi-select fields are being ignored in segmentation. Only simple text fields are working.
Is this intentional or a bug? It's very limiting if the segmentation is only reacting to freeform fields. In fact is makes segmentation based on users' preferences selection impossible.


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@nadworks - I tested this and all it's working correctly, see bellows picture:
Annotation 2020-08-24 125938.pngAnnotation 2020-08-24 125902.pngAnnotation 2020-08-24 125407.png

And here picture from my test list:
Annotation 2020-08-24 130050.png

Can you confirm you are using the latest version of mailwizz?


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I know this sounds crazy, but upon testing it again, it works.
Thanks so much for checking this. I have no clue why it wouldn't work previously. My apologies.